Omsk region, Gorkovskiy town, junction of streets Kirova and Zavodskaya

Area 3,046 ha

Address Omsk region, Gorkovskiy town, junction of streets Kirova and Zavodskaya

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Investment site passport, r.p. Gorkovskoye

Plot of land with total area of 3 hectares is offered to the investors in the center of Gorky district settlement in Omsk region (at the intersection of Kirova and Factory str.). 

In the close proximity (just across the road is a building of the administration of Gorky district settlement, as well as key government agencies (tax inspection, pension fund, etc.).

Type of land: settlement lands. Land for production purposes.

Previously dairy plant «Gorkovsky» was located in the area, so all required communications are present.

There is solid asphalt access road to the project.

The object is surrounded by a concrete fence around the perimeter; there are two entrances from the main street through the gate.

Land is partially paved.

General information:

Ownership form of land and buildings: private property.

Availability of human resources: provided.

The presence of resource-and-technical base of building production: fully present.

Provision of engineering infrastructure (gas, water, heating, electricity, other): provided.

Transport accessibility: full access.

Available properties: available properties requiring demolition (reconstruction)

In case of interest please contact the «Development and Investment Agency of Omsk region», Konstantin Henning, + 7-913-633-63-53, +7 (3812) 30-82-38