A family sports complex for tennis and mini-football will be built in the Omsk region

The opening of the facility is scheduled for 2021.
The investment project is supported by the Regional Development and Investment Agency. A corresponding agreement has been signed with the investor.
“At the moment, the investor is determined with the land plot from the options that we have selected taking into account the requirements. The project is at the start, we will provide all the necessary support so that it is successfully implemented on time. In particular, we will help with the preparation of the necessary documents to confirm the status of a social and cultural facility, as well as to obtain technical conditions for connecting to communications, ”said Evgeny Kovtun, Director General of the Agency for Development and Investments of the Omsk Region.
The volume of investments in the project is estimated at 55 million rubles. The area of ​​the sports complex will be 3600 square meters. Professional athletes and residents of the region will be able to visit the facility.
“Today we see that business is investing not only in the construction of industrial facilities, but also in cultural and sports facilities. At the end of last year, the volume of investments in this sector exceeded 400 million rubles. Of these, private investments accounted for more than 50%, ”the Ministry of Economy in Omsk notes.