Omsk employees of the RCC successfully confirmed the coaching competencies

The trainers of the Regional Competence Center in the field of Labor Productivity of the Omsk region were tested for compliance with the FCC methodologies and their coaching competencies when training employees of enterprises participating in the national project «Labor productivity». The supervision of experts takes place within the framework of the annual certification of the RCC.

The supervision was carried out by an employee of the Federal Competence Center, who entered all the data into the checklist, the results of which clearly marked the progress in the work of Omsk experts.

So, last week the supervision of coaches took place «Process Factories» for the Omsk enterprise «EPAC Service». Note that «Process Factory» - this is a training platform where participants in the real process gain experience in the use of lean production tools, and also understand how improvements affect the operational and economic performance of the enterprise. According to the results, the regional coaches received a high score.

«There was also a supervision of the RCC coach, who  conducted a training «Fundamentals of Lean Manufacturing» for the company participating in the national project of the company «Diborexport». As a result of competent actions, the experts of the RCC fully confirmed their coaching competencies and received additional points during the mandatory annual certification», - noted in Regional Competence Center.

Recall the national project «Labor productivity» approved by the May decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2018 It is designed to create conditions for an annual increase in labor productivity in the country. To become a member, a company must register on the platform efficiency.RF and apply or contact the Regional Competence Center by phone: +7(3812)40-80-17.