Omsk supplier of laboratory equipment presented the first results of participation in the national project

On  the company «EPAC Service» we summed up the interim results of the work within the framework of the national project «Labor productivity». Omsk company, which provides a full range of services for the supply of analytical and auxiliary laboratory equipment, started implementing the national project three months ago, a site for optimizing the process of manufacturing a storage cabinet was selected as a sample flow.

At the meeting, the project manager presented the interim results of the project and targets for the next three-month cycle, demonstrated the developed and implemented plan for the creation of a reference site, showed the implemented improvements in the format of photographs «was-became».

«When analyzing the pilot flow, the project working group identified about 60 losses, for example, unnecessary movements for products, alterations and defects, a long search for products, and also compiled a list of proposed solutions indicating measures to reduce risks. Our company expects to participate in the national project «Labor productivity» increase production efficiency, reduce costs, which in the future will increase the level of wages and improve the working conditions of each employee. We also plan to increase the volume ofёwe manufacture and expand the sales market», - shared by the project manager Dmitry Balashenko.

So, during the stages of diagnostics and implementation of improvements, the working group identified the quarantine zone and carried out sorting, implemented measures to create a convenient and safe workplace according to the system 5C, developed standards for operational procedures and workplaces, introduced production analysis into the work. Also, as part of the implementation of the national project, managers, members of the working group and staff were trained in the use of lean production tools, practical experience was gained on «Process Factory».

«Experts from the Regional Competence Center help optimize the work of the Omsk company. Improving the efficiency of the enterprise begins with a pilot project – the most labor-intensive and usually brings the maximum revenue of the site. For six months, the experts of the competence center, together with the working group, study it and help to find problems that reduce labor productivity. Next, the company is waiting 2,5 years of independent work, where the replication of approaches to other work processes will take place», - the head of the RCC noted Konstantin Kovalev.

To learn more about the targeted support of Omsk enterprises and the results of the introduction of lean manufacturing tools, please contact the RCC by phone: +7(3812)40-80-17 or at: st. 70 years of October, 25, body 2.