The first preferential loan under the Labor Productivity Program was approved in the Omsk Region

The Federal Industrial Development Fund and the Omsk plant for the production of film and flexible packaging with the Planet-Center seal signed an agreement on the provision of a soft loan under the Labor Productivity program at 1% per annum.

The total project budget is 420 million rubles, of which 173.4 million will be provided by the Industrial Development Fund. The loan funds will be used to expand the existing production of plastic films and flexible packaging with printing used in industry and food production.

It should be noted that within the framework of this program, concessional loan financing is provided for the implementation of projects aimed at increasing labor productivity at enterprises participating in the national project "Labor Productivity". Planet Center became one of the participants in November 2020.

"Thanks to the participation of our company in the national project, we were able to take advantage of a concessional loan at 1% under the Labor Productivity program in the Industrial Development Fund for the purchase of modern high-performance equipment. This will allow our company to further increase labor productivity, both in the production of film and flexible packaging. and for the enterprise, to reduce the cost, to improve the quality of products and, in general, to make it more competitive ", - shared Director General of LLC" Planet-Center "Alexander Trippel.

With the attraction of a loan from the FRP, the company will increase its capacity for the production of polymer films based on polyethylene using flat-slit and blow molding methods and the number of high-performance jobs.

"All activities of the Labor Productivity national project are aimed at strengthening the economic state of enterprises and at the stability of the region. First of all, it is the optimization and modernization of work processes. The regional center of competence in the field of labor productivity, created on the basis of the Agency, has already started working with Omsk enterprises." - said the general director of the Agency for Development and Investments of the Omsk Region Yevgeny Kovtun.

In the Omsk Region, assistance to organizations in optimizing production processes within the framework of the national project "Labor Productivity" is provided by the Federal and Regional Competence Centers.

Heads of Omsk companies interested in optimizing processes and introducing lean manufacturing tools can apply for participation on the Productivity.rf portal.

You can contact the Regional Competence Center for advice by phone: +7 (3812) 40-80-17.