Reports and activity plans of specialized organization on the attracting investments and working with investors

In 2020, JSC "Agency for Development and Investment of the Omsk Region" was supported by 38 investment projects with a total investment of 53,620 million rubles, including:

Establishment of an agro-industrial park with an area of ​​221 hectares;
Construction of 4 hotels;
Construction of a solar power plant;
Construction of 3 sports complexes;
Construction of 3 logistics complexes;
Construction of 2 tourist objects;
Construction of 18 production complexes.
The amount of investments in projects under the Agency's support for 2020 amounted to 3 314 million rubles.

In 2020, 17 new project support agreements were signed with the Agency. Also in 2020, with the assistance of the Agency, 9 agreements were signed between the Government of the Omsk region and the initiators of projects to facilitate their successful implementation: Siberian Sausages LLC, VITO LLC, Cosmos Hotel Group Group, Agro-Milk Azovo Ltd. , Agropark Makosh LLC, UK Industrial Park Makosh LLC, Phoenix LLC, Nuclear Medical Technologies LLC, Business Partner LLC for a total investment of 4.9 billion rubles.

In 2020, the Agency's specialists provided 541 consultations on investment, entrepreneurship and state support for business.

In order to improve the skills of the Agency's staff, as well as to inform potential investors about the benefits of implementing investment projects in the Omsk region in 2020, the Agency's specialists took part in the following activities:

Forum "Marketplace Day", 30.01.2020;
Regional training of personnel management reserve in the direction of "Strategic planning of development of Omsk region" by the representatives of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Service under the President of the Russian Federation (RANHIGS RF), from 7-9.02.2020;
Roundtable organization with representatives of companies, recipients of public services - obtaining a construction permit in 2019 with the participation of the management staff for the preparation of preliminary documents of the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning of the City of Omsk, the Ministry of Construction, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Transport and Transport Omsk region, SRO of builders of Omsk and Omsk region in order to discuss the quality of services, problems and proposals, 17.03.2020;
Participation in the webinar "Cases of regions for support of entrepreneurs", 09.04.2020;
Online Workshop "Regional Solutions for Support and Development of Entrepreneurs", 23.04.2020;
Participation in the webinar "Agriculture and Agroprom: SME support measures, specialized online platforms and promising areas of development", 08.05.2020;
Participation in the online forum "SYNERGY ONLINE FORUM 2020. Our new world", 30.04.2020;
Participation in a webinar from Alt-Invest Company "The subtleties of financial modeling of loans: practices and indicators", 10.07.2020;
Training in the field of PPP and concessions from the Russian Fund for Direct Investment, 03.08.2020;
Participation in the strategic session of the National Center for Public Utilities for the implementation of projects in the field of heat supply, water supply and drainage 06.08.2020;
Training from the Industrial Development Fund on preferential loans 20.08.2020;
Training on the program of anti-crisis management of infrastructure projects in the subjects of the Russian Federation from the National Center for Public Health on the topic "Concession and Public Health (Basic Course)", video course August-September 2020;
Participation in the meeting of the Coordination Council of the Omsk Regional Union of Entrepreneurs with the report "Practical assistance of the Agency in the implementation of investment projects", 24.09.2020;
Participation in the General Meeting of the members of the National Association of Investment and Development Agencies, 08.10.2020;
Training of the “Monority Development Fund” NGO on measures to support monotowns, 30.10.2020;
Online training at LLC "Center for Innovative Education and Training" under the programs "Fundamentals of Digital Literacy", "Personal Data Processing", October 2020;
Participation in the open meeting of the Club of Entrepreneurs "Momentum", 27.11.2020;
Conducting online training in the framework of the program of professional retraining of heads and deputy heads of municipal districts of Omsk region on the basis of OMGU Business Education Center Dostoevsky. 19.11.2020.

Goals and objectives of the Agency

The statutory objectives of the Agency are:

- formation of a positive image of the Omsk region,

- improving the investment climate of the Omsk region,

- implementation of the marketing strategy of the Omsk region,

- assistance in marketing support of products of Omsk producers,

- support and development of interregional relations.

According to the "Strategies for Socio-Economic Development of the Omsk Region until 2025", the priority clusters for investment purposes are:

Cluster of oil refining and petrochemistry.
Agricultural cluster.
Cluster of high-tech components and systems.
Forestry cluster.
The priorities of the second level are:

Transport and logistics sector.
Sector of industrial construction and engineering.
Tourism sector.
The main strategic initiatives of the Agency are:

Become the main platform for providing a complex of services in the field of investment development of Omsk enterprises.
To act as the unified Management Center in the Omsk region on interaction with Investors (subjects of business activity, including investment) in the mode of "one window".
To act as a single state operator for the development of investment sites and specialized industrial parks (including multifunctional), technoparks, agro-industrial parks, logistical centers, tourist and recreational clusters in the Omsk region in the framework of law and order
Perform the functions of the managing company of industrial (industrial) parks, rendering work on utilities and energy supply, additional consulting services.
Become one of the tools for the implementation of plans for the development of territories of municipalities of the Omsk region.
To carry out the pre-design and design of investment proposals for investors on the issue of placement of new productive forces, investment projects in the Omsk region.
Provide information support to the state authorities and local governments on the issue of placing new productive forces in the areas of investment sites and industrial parks.
To participate in the implementation of the obligations of the Government of the Omsk region to investors in accordance with the concluded investment agreements on the preparation and implementation of projects, the provision of prepared land plots, the organization of project support.
Facilitate the establishment of a financing mechanism for the development of investment sites and industrial parks, including through the attraction of private investors.
To participate in the formation of long-term comprehensive programs of cooperation of the Agency with regional branch ministries, system-forming enterprises - industry leaders of the region, municipalities of Omsk region in all areas of activity.
To provide economic efficiency in key areas: investment activity, exhibition-fair and congress activities, asset management.