Reports and activity plans of specialized organization on the attracting investments and working with investors

The results of work of specialized organization on the attracting investments and working with investors in 2015 are the following:

Society developed, coordinated with Executive authorities and on the 03-d of August 2015 approved by the acting Governor of Omsk region the Regulations, the Chairman of Omsk region Government Regulation of investment projects support under the principle of "single window" on the territory of Omsk region.

281 consultations, negotiations, meetings, interactions are provided in the bounds of attracting (assistance in attracting) investors, project initiators, project teams.

35 land plots and 8 industrial premises for investment projects are selected and proposed to the initiators.

5 financial models are prepared/adjusted, 1 business plan is developed in the bounds of support activity of investment projects.

The registration of ownership of Omsk region on the land plots with a total area of 208.9 ha is provided in order to create the first industrial park on the street 2-ya Solnechnaya, Omsk city.

11 investment proposals for projects are prepared/adjusted to promote investment projects, search for sources of financing and market channels

The regulations of Project office work are approved.

The number of investment projects, administrated through the work of Project office of Omsk region at the end of 2015 – is 70.

Total amount of investments in the projects under the support of Corporation in 2015 was 347 million rubles.

In order to implement the investment strategy of Omsk region, search for solutions of investors' problems, the exchange of practical experience in the field of attracting investments, the following 8 public events were prepared and held (total number of participants amounted to more than 180 people):

  1. Round table "Program of support of investment projects implemented on the territory of the Russian Federation on the basis of project financing". Date: 14 April, 2015. Number of participants: 26.
    Result: clarified the main requirements of the Decree of the RF Government of 11 October, 2014. No. 1044, carried out informing the business community.
  2. Round table "Creation of conditions for increasing the activity and reducing barriers in the field of gasification of Omsk region". Date: 16 June, 2015. Number of participants: 15.
    The result: 07 Jul 2015 the letter had been sent to the acting Governor of Omsk region with the following recommendations based on the results of the round table:
    • To perform urgent work by the Administration of Omsk city and municipalities on the territory planning of municipal formations, performing gas supply schemes, allocation of zones for placing linear facilities.
    • To initiate the work on expansion of the list of facilities not requiring a building permit according to the PP. 5 paragraph 15 of the article 51 of the Urban Planning Code of the Russian Federation (by including the following facilities: local intersettlement networks of gas supply, gas pipeline to a gasified object within the boundaries of the locality, modular boilers and units for heating the objects of heating supply).
    • To prepare information about the mains system, gas supply and gas distribution networks, all gas-distribution stations, their capacity and free limits with the purpose to place it on the interactive map of Omsk region.
    • To develop normative-legal acts:
    • binding gas transportation companies of Omsk region to conduct annual inventory of gas distribution stations charge capacity on the territory of Omsk region and publish inventory data in the public access;
    • binding gas-distributing companies of Omsk region to conduct annual inventory of operating pipelines charge capacity and publish inventory data in the public access.
    • To initiate inventory process of unauthorized gas distribution networks on the territory of Omsk region with the subsequent determination of owners and their registration.
  3. Round table "Industrial parks of Omsk region. Current situation and prospects of development". Date: August 6, 2015. Number of participants: 65.
    Result: Identified the interest of 5 potential residents of industrial park resulting in completed questionnaires for registering the initiators as potential residents of the industrial park on the street 2-ya Solnechnaya, the existing support measures had been explained, the information about private sites was placed on the investment map of Omsk region.
  4. Seminar on the organization issues of the Project office. Date: September 11, 2015. Number of participants: 28.
    Result: explanation of the operation and interaction procedure to the representatives of Executive authorities and municipalities of Omsk region. Introduction to authorized bodies the register list of priority projects and its management, updates and reporting to the Project office to the Director.
  5. Meeting of the work group on the issues of Bank lending to priority regional investment projects in Omsk region, including those implemented with government support. Date: 15 September, 2015. Number of participants: 19.
    The result:
    • The Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of Omsk region had prepared the list of Omsk region companies, which could perform the functions of general contractor and technical customer in the financing of projects-winners of the competition "Regions - sustainable development".
    • The Ministry of Economy of Omsk region sent the proposal to the address of the Organizing Committee of the competition "Regions - sustainable development" on the reducing the requirements for revenue for regional companies that can perform the functions of technical customer and general contractor, with a view to possible accreditation of these companies for implementation of works under realization of the projects of winners and for reducing the expenses of project initiators during the design and construction stages.
    • To promptly inform the banks about the investment projects on the stage of financing source search, the registry of investment projects in Omsk region is placed and monthly updated on the Corporation's website.
    • According to the results of the round table with the participating banks there had been developed the scheme of interaction when working with project initiators at the stage of searching a source of funding in the form of a Bank loan.
  6. Meeting of the work group on the cooperation possibility of creating a waste recycling plant in the city of Omsk, based on public-private partnerships. Date: 08 October 2015 Number of participants: 14.
    Result: review of the main projects under the public-private partnership of PMA company and with the experience in the field of creating projects for the processing and disposal of SMW.
    After approval of territorial scheme of waste management in Omsk region it’s planned to consider the possibility of attracting a company-organizer of the event - PMA Consulting (OOO PMA), St. Petersburg.
  7. Meeting of the work group on the cooperation possibility of Executive authorities of Omsk region and potential investors in designing facilities of waste management. Date: 13 October, 2015. Number of participants: 20.
    The result: further cooperation with the company OOO Ekoresurs engaged in the design, construction and operation of SMW landfill. There had been done the business trip to the facility in Krasnoyarsk city, the negotiations are being held on the participation of the company Ekoresurs in the construction of SMW landfill in the Omsk region under the scheme of public-private partnership.
  8. Round table "Development of private industrial parks". Date: 22 December, 2015. Number of participants: 40.
    Result. The support measures had been clarified from the Ministry of Economic Development and Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the participants were informed by sending information about the order and rules of granting subsidies, the readiness of the Corporation to implement projects for the establishment of private industrial parks was stated, the information was provided to the Executive authorities and the initiators on the regional legislative initiative aimed at supporting management companies and industrial parks.

Development goals, objectives, strategic initiatives of the Agency

The main purpose of AO "Development and Investment Agency" development on the stage 2 "Industry and Innovation Support in the Region" - is the formation of the Agency as a structure of resource concentration in the priority directions of investment process development in Omsk region.

According to the "Strategy of social-economic development of Omsk region until 2025" the priority clusters for investment are:

  1. Oil refining and petrochemistry cluster.
  2. Agri-food cluster.
  3. The cluster of high-tech components and systems.
  4. Wood industry cluster.

The priorities of the second level are:

  1. The transport & logistics sector.
  2. The sector of industrial construction and engineering.
  3. The tourist sector.

The main strategic initiatives of the Agency on the second stage “The support of industry and innovations in Omsk region” for the period of 2016-2020:

  1. To become a base site to provide comprehensive services in the field of investment development of Omsk enterprises and the entrance to foreign markets.
  2. To perform functions of a single control center for interaction with investors in Omsk region (business entities, including investment companies) under the principle of "single window".
  3. To act as a single state operator for the development of investment sites and specialized industrial parks (including multi-function ones), technology parks, agro-industrial parks, logistics centers, tourist-recreational clusters in Omsk region within the limits of legislation and with the use of market mechanisms.
  4. To act as a management company of industrial parks, providing services such as utility services, power energy supply, additional consulting services etc.
  5. To become one of the instruments for the implementation of development plans of the territories of municipalities in Omsk region.
  6. To carry out pre-project preparation of investment proposals to investors on the placement of new productive forces and investment projects on the territory of Omsk region.
  7. To provide information support to public authorities and local self-government for the placement of new productive forces in the areas of investment sites and industrial parks.
  8. To participate in the fulfillment of the obligations of the Government of Omsk region owed to the investors in accordance with the concluded investment agreements in terms of preparation and implementation of projects, provision of prepared land plots and the arrangement of project administration.
  9. To promote the establishment of a financial mechanism for investment sites and industrial parks development, including the attraction of private investors.
  10. To participate in the establishment of long-term comprehensive programs of the Agency's cooperation with regional sectoral ministries, strategic organizations which are industry leaders in the region, the municipalities of Omsk region in all areas.
  11. To generate and develop regional exhibition brands.
  12. To ensure economic effect in the key areas: investment, foreign economic activity, organization of trade fairs, exhibitions,  congress activity and asset management.