Free consultations

ao «Omsk Region Development and Investment Agency»

  • Clarification of legislation in the investment sphere;

  • Advising on government support measures;

  • Consulting on the selection of investment sites;

  • Advising on issues related to investment activities.

Omsk Regional Fund for Small Business Support and Development

Address: Omsk, ave. Komarova, D. 21, Corp. 1, cab. 203-210

Telephone: +7(3812)95-99-95, 8-800-2019-587 (hotline for entrepreneurs)


Entrepreneurship Support Center:

  • Consulting on starting a business;

  • Consulting on financial and business planning;

  • Consulting on marketing, legal, patent-licensing, information support of activities.

Export Support Center:

  • Consulting on finding partners in foreign markets;

  • Consulting on placement and promotion of Omsk manufacturers' products on international online platforms;

  • Advising on the conclusion of export transactions, conducting marketing research of foreign markets, certification of products in foreign markets.

Regional Warranty Center:

  • Advising on the provision of sureties of the Regional Guarantee Center - conditions, goals, terms of the guarantee.

Competence Center in the field of agricultural cooperation and support of farmers:

  • Advising on the creation and development of entrepreneurship in the field of agriculture;

  • Consulting on agricultural cooperation issues;

  • Advising on registration, reorganization, liquidation of business activities and amendments to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities in the Federal Tax Service;

  • Consulting on the selection of state support measures, preparation of documents for obtaining state support measures.

Omsk Regional Business Incubator

Address: Omsk, Chapaev St., 111

Telephone: +7(3812)90-46-44


Consultations in the following areas:

  • Commercial activity and enterprise management;

  • Accounting and taxation;

  • Legal protection;

  • Business planning;

  • Government support for business;

  • Obtaining property support in a Business incubator, participating in a competition.

Omsk Regional Information Technology Park

Address: Omsk, ave. Komarova, D. 21, Corp. 1, cab. 203-210

Telephone: +7 (3812)95-77-75


Consultations in the following areas:

  • Consultations on obtaining the status of an IT park resident;

  • Consultations on the selection of IT park residents.

Omsk Regional Microfinance Fund for Small and Medium-sized Businesses

Address: Omsk, ave. Komarova, D. 21, Corp. 1, cab. 103

Telephone: +7(3812)95-77-75

Consultations in the following areas:

  • Consultations on obtaining FRP loans by industrial entities;

  • Consultations of applicants for microloans and recipients of microloans on the procedure and requirements for the provision of microloans, the conclusion and execution of the terms of microloan contracts.