Housing and municipal complex is an essential structural element of the region that ensures the economic functioning and creates the necessary conditions for accommodation and life activity of the citizens of Omsk region.

The total length of water pipe system is 9824,6 km. The established capacity of the pumping stations of the first lifting is 2016,0 thousand cubic meters per day, water supply system – 981,7 thousands of cubic meters per day.

The total length of sewer system – 1920,2 km.

There are 1539 heat supply sources on the balance sheet of organizations, 431 of them use gaseous fuel, 27 use liquid fuel and 1081 use solid fuel. The total power of the heat sources is 5981,9 Gcal/hour.

The length of heat networks in double-pipe calculation – 2833 km.

To ensure the quality of housing and municipal services in accordance with activity plan of private investment attraction into housing and municipal sector, approved by the Russian Federation Government decree dated on the 22 of August 2011 No. 1493-p, the creation of favorable conditions work for investment activity has been organized:

  • 377 approved heat supply schemes in urban and rural settlements, including the city of Omsk;
  • 392 approved schemes of water supply and sanitation in urban and rural settlements, including the city of Omsk;
  • 386 approved complex development programs of urban and rural municipal infrastructure; 
  • The work on the property complex control on the basis of concession agreements;
  • The investment programs of resource providers in the spheres of heating, water and sanitation.

Together with the local authorities the socially important projects placement work is organized on the Internet portal "Exchange of investment projects" within the Center of state-private partnership in the sphere of housing and municipal services under the Ministry of construction and housing utilities of the Russian Federation. The Internet portal "Exchange of investment projects" is focused on finding investors and is intended to present the projects in the sphere of housing and utilities sector requiring the investment for their implementation.

With the aim of forming stable and favorable conditions to attract investments to the construction of electric power industry objects, the Program of electric power industry development has been approved in Omsk region for 2016 – 2020 .

The road system complex is an integral part of the region infrastructure.

The total length of roads in the Omsk region is 25,05 thousands km.

The amount of the Omsk region road fund in 2016 came to 7 712,652 millions of rubles.

By these means in 2016 it is planned to carry out the construction and reconstruction of 39.2 km of local roads, as well as 65.7 km of regional roads

By the 1-st of October, 2016:

  • the 10.16 thousands km of regional and intermunicipal roads and 142 bridges maintenance was provided; the function of nine ice crossing through the river Irtysh was arranged;
  • 632,2 thousands of square meters of damaged asphalt concrete road surface were reconstructed;
  • the construction work over 2 driveways (0,153 km length) to the indoor sports and recreational facilities with swimming pools on the Koneva street and Dianova street in Omsk is finished;
  • the reconstruction of 6 roads (length of 13,936 km) in Nazyvaevsky, Novovarshavsky, Poltavsky and Nyzhneomsky municipal districts is completed;
  • the traffic over the bridge on the river Tevriz 1 km of the autoroad Tevriz – Aleksandrovka in Tevrizsky municipal district is opened (the length of the approach roads is 0,633 km, the bridge way is 76.5 p. m.);
  • the overpass across the railroad tracks at the intersection of 15th Rabotchaya str. with Khabarovskaya str. is taken into use.

By means of carried out activities over construction, reconstruction and renovation in 2016 it is planned to increase by 1% the length of public regional roads and intermunicipal roads as well, relevant to the regulatory requirements for the traffic operational parameters.