Regional investment standards

Standard of the executive authority activities of the Russian Federation to ensure a favorable investment climate in the region

Regional Investment Standard sections

  1. Investment strategy approval by the senior state authorities of the Russian Federation
  2. Formation and annual updating of the plan of investment objects creation and infrastructure in the region
  3. Annual message of the senior official of the subject of the Russian Federation - Investment environment and investment policy of the Russian Federation
  4. The adoption of a normative legal act of the Russian Federation about investor rights protection and the mechanisms of supporting investment activity
  5. Council for improvement of investment invironment
  6. The existence of a specialized organization for attracting investments and working with investors
  7. Accessible infrastructure to locate industrial and other investor objects (industrial parks, technological parks)
  8. Availability of mechanisms of vocational training and retraining on the specialties corresponding to the investment strategy of the region and the investors needs
  9. Creation of specialized bilingual Internet portal dedicated to investment activity in the subject of the Russian Federation
  10. The presence in the subject of the Russian Federation of uniform regulations of investment projects administration in the "single window"
  11. The adoption of the region investment declaration by the superior official of the subject of the Russian Federation
  12. The adoption of the normative act regulating the procedure of regulatory impact assessment of adopted normative-legal acts affecting entrepreneurial activity
  13. The existence of training system of the competence improvement and assessment of the employees of relevant bodies of state power of the subjects of the Russian Federation and specialized  rganizations for investment attraction and work with investors
  14. The inclusion of the representatives of energy resources consumers into the composition of the executive authority of the Russian Federation subject in the sphere of state regulation of tariffs – Regional Energy Commission (REC) and the creation of Collegial Advisory body subjected to REC, including representatives of the business community
  15. The existence of direct communication channel (channels) between investors and the leadership of the subject of the Russian Federation for the operational solving of the problems and issues appearing in the process of investment activity

Monitoring the implementation of the Regional Investment Standards