Wood industry cluster information

Wood industry cluster of Omsk region
1. Cluster status Being formed
2. The year of cluster creation 2013
3. Cluster key profile OSB (Oriented Strand Board) Creation of new production capacity in soft-wooded, low-grade and small-scale timber processing; stimulation of increasing the volume of wood waste processing, development of low-cost projects on the use of bulky fuel-wood
4. Cluster relevant specialty • Arrangement of resource assessment and its movements recording;
• Implementation of rational approach using wood;
• The use of modern technologies in forestry, harvesting, working up and processing wood;
• Arrangement of high effective process management;
• Creation of necessary and modern infrastructure and logistics system;
• Highly efficient waste disposal.
5. Brief description of main products OSB (Oriented Strand Board) is a board with oriented flat strands. OSB is a product of deep wood processing and is made with the extrision of oblong and flat strands under high pressure and temperature with the use of pasting and water-proof gum
6. Cluster development priorities • Efficient use of forest resources
• Establishment of regional timber industry complex providing highly efficient harvesting and wood processing on the basis of advanced technology and high quality work;
• Increasing the share of manufacturing wood products with high added value;
• Creation of new high-tech and high-performance workplaces;
• Maintaining forest cover at no less than 32.4% (of current state).
7. Cluster website http://investomsk.ru/project/p/Stroitel_stvo_zavoda_po_proizvodstvu_OSB-plit
1. The name of cluster governing body, full name and contacts of the leader First Deputy Minister of natural resources and ecology of Omsk region - Alexander Sergeevitch Matnenko tel: 8 (3812) 393501 The head of the Main Department of Forestry of Omsk region - Sergey Viktorovitch Maksimov tel: 8 (3812) 957686
1. Number of participants 6
2. Number of employees of the cluster corporate members  
3. The list of participants, full names and the contacts of the leaders OOO Sibirskaya Lesopromyshlennaya Kompaniya Director General: Yuriy Ivanovitch Yatsenko Tel. 8 (3812) 98-20-22
OOO NPK Sibirskiy Les Director General: Inna Viktorovna Savinykh, tel. 8(3812) 43-33-94
OOO Ekort-Dom Chief: Vladimir Ilyich Grishmanovsky Tel: 8(3812)64-92-49
OOO As-Les Director: Alexander Nickolayevitch Yershov tel. 8(38-176) 2-62-41
OOO PMK Stroyservis Director: Vladimir Pavlovitch Zaveratch Tel. 8(38-176)21-834
OOO AVA Company Director General: Armen Eduardovitch Babadjanyan Tel. 8(3812)39-49-49
1. Russian partners of the cluster  
2. Foreign partner of the cluster  
1. Cluster project being implemented The project – The construction of a plant to manufacture OSB in Tarskiy district of Omsk region
2. Cluster projects planned for implementation  
3. Cluster project implemented  
1. Proposals for major investors The investment proposal on the implementation project of building a plant for manufacturing OSB is performed
2. Proposals of small and medium corporate members for major companies  
1. Competitive ability resource evaluation  
2. Evaluation of the potential capacity of domestic consumption and exports of final products of the cluster Given by the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utility of Omsk region - in accordance with the approved state program "Creation of conditions for housing in Omsk region" in the period 2014-2020 the consumption of OSB up to 2500 cubic meters per year can be expected.
3. Cluster innovative activity  



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