Construction of a complex for deep processing and part-time processing of sunflower, rapeseed, soy for the production of vegetable oil

Investment volume: 500 million rubles (1-3 queue), 195 million rubles (1 queue)

Investor: LLC «Agrotrade»

Number of new jobs: 65 (1 queue)

Place of implementation: village of Gauf, Azov German National District

Year of implementation: 2019-2024 (1-3 queue),
(in 2021 G. completed 1-first turn, an oil extraction plant for deep processing of sunflower, rapeseed and soybeans has been built and put into operation)

The project is implemented in 3 queues:

  1. Construction of an oil extraction plant for deep processing of sunflower, rapeseed, ginger and soy with a capacity of 36 000 tons per year or 16 thousand tons of vegetable oils per year;
  2. Construction of an elevator complex with a capacity of
    20 000 tons;
  3. Construction of a complex for refining, deodorization and packaging of vegetable oils with a capacity of 100 tons per day.

To date, the plant produces 4 types of unrefined oils: sunflower, rapeseed, ginger and soy. All oils – unrefined, made by cold pressing. This is the most expensive method of production, but this is the only way the oil retains all the useful trace elements and vitamins contained in the seeds.