Novovarshavskaya SES

Construction of a solar power plant on the territory of Novovarshavsky municipal district of Omsk region

Investment volume: 2,4 billion rubles

Investor: GC «Hevel»

Number of new jobs: 20

Year of implementation: 2020 g.

Novovarshavskaya SES is «pilot project» for the construction of SES on the territory of the Omsk region.

For the construction of the SES, the investor was provided with two land plots for rent without bidding, with a total area of 80 ga.

From May to October 2020 construction and installation works were carried out on the selected territory for a year. In November – december 2020 years of commissioning work.

Currently, two stages of the facility have been put into operation. The first stage of the station was launched in early December 2020 year, second — at the end of December 2020- go.

Novovarshavskaya SES will convert solar energy into electrical energy and transfer it to the grid for further consumption. This will reduce emissions of harmful substances and greenhouse gases, which in turn will have a positive impact on the environmental situation of the area.

*It should be noted that the high level of insolation creates almost ideal conditions for the development of solar energy in Siberia. The construction site of the power plant was chosen after a thorough analysis of the natural features of the region: the territory of the Omsk region is characterized by a high potential for the use of solar energy, the number of sunny days per year in the Omsk region reaches 300 when the total duration of solar activity is more than 2220 hours per year. According to the data of Roshydromet, according to this indicator, the Omsk region is ahead of even such resort regions of the country as Sochi (2177 hours) and Kislovodsk (2147 hours).