Production of hot water and steam boilers LAVART

Investment volume: 800 million rubles

Investor: CJSC «OmZIT»

Number of new jobs: 279

Year of implementation: 2017-2020 years .

In 2020 a new modern high-tech building of the plant for the production of industrial boilers and auxiliary equipment of its own trademark began operation in the year LAVART.

The overall productivity of the enterprise increased in 4,5 times – before 13,5 thousands of tons of finished products per year.

The project was supported Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and The Industrial Development Fund.

The company produces hot water, steam and thermal oil boilers under the brand Lavart. A specially designed design allows you to reduce fuel consumption, and Russian-made control systems make it possible to use the equipment without the constant presence of an operator.

Boilers Lavart they are used both for heat production in public utilities and for complex, energy-intensive technological productions. In early July 2021 years «OmZIT» produced specially designed boiler equipment for the new scientific complex of the station «East-2» in Antarctica, where the air temperature drops to -89°C. Among other factory customers: «Gazprom», «Rosneft» and «Lukoil», which use Omsk boilers to equip modular boiler houses designed to run on both natural gas and heavy grades of liquid fuel in the northern regions of Russia.

Currently almost 60 % the Russian market is occupied by imported boiler equipment. The introduction of a new complex will help reduce dependence on foreign supplies to 15 %.