Planet Center

Production of flexible packaging and «breathing» plёnci

Investment volume: 563,8 million rubles

Investor: Planeta-Center LLC

Number of new jobs: 40

Year of project implementation: 2017-2022 years .

With the help of a loan from the Fund, the company plans to double the volume of production of flexible packaging made of polymer films, as well as organize import-substituting production of films unique to Russia MDO and «breathing» films.

The implementation of the project will meet the demand in various industries for modern packaging with increased strength characteristics, with a smaller thickness of the material, including for packaging frozen semi-finished products and poultry meat, bread, packaging of cereals and pasta.

The import-substituting direction involves the acquisition and commissioning of film production facilities MDO and «breathing» films with a volume of at least 6500 tons per year, which are not produced in Russia today.

Films MDO they are used in the packaging of cereals, pasta, frozen foods, for labels on plastic bottles. According to expert estimates, the capacity of the Russian market of such films is at least 5000 tons per month. Its consumers are manufacturers of flexible packaging and labels for plastic bottles.

«Breathable films» they are used in the production of sanitary and hygienic products (diapers, pads, plasters) and in the construction industry as membrane materials. The need for material from Russian manufacturers – nevertheless 450 tons per month, in Kazakhstan, where «Planet Center» plans to export products – 150 tons per month. Currently 100% such films are imported to Russia.