Omsk rubber 2018-2021 years .

Production of isopropyl alcohol

Investment volume: 4,5 billion rubles

Investor: PAO «Omsk rubber»

Number of new jobs: 16

Year of implementation: 2018-2021 years .

Isopropyl alcohol (IPS) – a strategic product used in the chemical, petroleum, woodworking, perfume and pharmaceutical industries. On the basis of isopropanol, it is possible to obtain products with high quality characteristics – antiseptic and hygiene products, solvents, as well as ecoautochemistry products – non-freezing and other special automotive fluids with minimal impact on the environment and human health.

This project is of great importance, since the launch of the production of IPS will significantly reduce the share of consumption of imported isopropyl alcohol in 2 and to provide Russian enterprises with high-quality raw materials.

The project was supported Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and The Industrial Development Fund.

The production of IPS has high environmental characteristics and is implemented using the best available technologies, which ensures almost complete absence of effluents and minimal environmental impact.

Thanks to the new capacities, the production of IPS will increase by more than 2,5 times - almost to 100 thousands of tons per year, which in turn will reduce the share of imports of the Russian Federation, and will also allow the export of this product to 2024 the volume of exports of IPS output will be about 3 billion rubles.