g. Omsk, ul. Surrounding road

Area 30 Ha

Address g. Omsk, ul. Surrounding road

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Document 1

It is offered for sale or long term lease of land with cadastral number 55: 36: 150601: 3668.

Characteristics of the land plot:

- area: 30 hectares;

- category of lands: lands of settlements;

- the type of permitted use: railway tracks, structural elements of railway structures (supports of pipelines, motor transport, viaducts);

- the current territorial zone: the zone of objects of industrial and municipal objects of class IV-V of danger (P3-1105);

- planned territorial zone: production zone P-1
(sub-zone P-1.2), providing for placement of objects of class IV-V danger;

There are no facilities for capital construction on the land plot (there is a pile field and a container railway site without registration).

Form of ownership: private.


- Electricity. It is possible to connect to the electric grids of the "Polet" software from the 110/10 kV substation located at the production site at: Omsk, ul. Industrial, 11.

It is also possible to connect to electrical networks
Omsktehuglerod LLC and Omskelectro JSC.

There is a transformer substation on the ground.
Power 1000 kW, air, permitted power 700 kW It is possible to consider an increase in cross-section and power.

- Water supply. Connection is possible to the utility system
OmskVodokanal JSC with a maximum water consumption of 122.32 m3 / day. Approximate distance to the central drainage system is about 4 km.

- Gas supply. Gas distribution from GRS-4 with maximum load (hourly gas consumption) 750 cubic meters. meters per hour. To connect, existing pipelines need to be connected to the boundary of the land plot.

Special conditions of use of the land plot: The land plot is completely located in the sanitary protection zone of the paint and varnish company "PROMAVTOKHIM" located on the adjacent land plot.

It is possible to change the area of ​​the sanitary protection zone depending on the specific project of land development.

Hydrology: the area of ​​the land is not wet and not subject to flooding. There is one small dugout, and on the north side of the plot of land there is a wetland. Geological and hydrological examinations were not carried out by the owner of the site.

Railway message:

- there are no railway tracks on the land;

- 6 km from Omsk-Vostochny railway station, which has a cargo yard. This railway station has access to the Trans-Siberian Railway;

- in 300 m there is a railway track of non-use. There is an arrow transition to the proposed plot of land (photo attached).

Reference: According to the available information, the work on the coordination of the railway branch was carried out earlier, the documents are not available.

Contacts: owner Todorenko Nikolai Vladimirovich, tel. + 7-903-927-73-33.