Omsk entrepreneurs win gold medals at the exhibition of food products SIAL China 2019

Asia's largest international food exhibition SIAL China 2019 began its work in Shanghai. According to the official data of the organizers, about 4.3 thousand companies and manufacturers from all over the world are taking part in a large-scale industry event this year.

Chinese entrepreneurs note that Russian food products are in fairly high demand in the PRC market. Products from Russia are attractive for their cleanliness and environmental friendliness, as well as prices that are much more attractive than those of their western counterparts.

The Omsk delegation has already met with major Chinese retailers. Also within the framework of SIAL China a tasting competition that has already become a tradition has been held. where Omsk products received high marks from judges and won gold medals. The trademark "Omichka" received 2 gold medals, "Sibholod" - 3 gold medals.

International Food Exhibition SIAL China 2019 will be held until May 16 at the site of the Shanghai International Exhibition Center. Follow the news!