Company specialists «Diborexport» learn to use lean manufacturing tools

Employees of the Omsk enterprise for the production of agricultural machinery became participants of the training, which is conducted by experts of the Regional Competence Center on «Process Factory».

Recall that «Process Factory» created in 2021 year on the basis of the Omsk Region Development and Investment Agency as part of the implementation of the national project «Labor productivity». The training is based on a real production process: «manufacturers» in three working shifts, the gas pressure regulator control panel is assembled, reducing losses and increasing performance.

«The results after the shifts depend on all team members. Despite the fact that every employee of the company gets his role: director (head of the production process), logistician, improvement manager, labor manager, operator or OTC controller - they should work, reflect, identify losses and problems, and try to eliminate them together. On «Process Factory» cohesion and ability to communicate - one of the main principles. The training gives an understanding of where and how to see the problem, and the ability to approach its solution in the right way», - noted in RCC.

Company employees «Diborexport» they noted that during the training they managed to track the dynamics of financial, human, time and logistics indicators and improve the quality of products.

Recall that the Regional Competence Center provides targeted assistance to enterprises participating in the national project, helps large and medium-sized companies to introduce lean manufacturing technologies and tools. With the help of RCC experts, it is possible to increase production several times without spending on new equipment, optimize production processes, minimize all types of losses and increase revenue.

Detailed information about participation in the project can be obtained at the Regional Competence Center of the Omsk Region by phone: +7(3812)40-80-17.