In the Omsk region, business rates for microloans and investment loans with state support have been reduced

The minimum bid is now 4 % annual, maximum – 8 % per annum.

Previously, the rates ranged from 5 % before 11 % per annum. The Omsk Microfinance Fund of Small and Medium-sized Businesses implements programs of preferential loan financing with state support within the framework of the national SME project.

"The rates on microloans with state support have been reduced for small and medium-sized businesses, self-employed citizens registered and operating in the region for more than a month. The purpose of microloans is, in fact, to finance all costs of entrepreneurial activity, funds cannot be used to repay existing loans and provide loans to other persons", – explain in Omsk Ministry of Economy.

In the portfolio of the Microfinance Fund 5 microfinance business programs with state support. Small and medium-sized businesses can attract a microloan in the amount of up to 5 million rubles at a rate depending on the program - from 5,5 % before 8 % per annum. The amount of a microloan for the self-employed is up to 500 thousand rubles, interest rate – 4% per annum.

The reduction in the interest rate also affected investment programs. According to the programs "Regional Economy" and "Priority support", the rate will now be 6 % per annum.

Consultations on microfinance and investment lending with state support can be obtained from the Omsk Microfinance Fund by phone numbers: +7(3812)30-82-81, 30-82-38.