Industrial sector

Omsk region – the region is unique in terms of industrial potential and is among the most industrially developed regions of Russia, which account for more than 60 % manufactured in the country of industrial products of manufacturing industries.

The basis of the industry of the Omsk region

The basis of the industry of the Omsk region - manufacturing industries:

  • 33,2 % of the total GRP;
  • 30 % tax revenues to the consolidated budget of the region;
  • more 70 % investments in fixed assets;
  • 16 % average number of employees;
  • more 22 % the number of high-performance jobs.

The situation of the Omsk region:

By volume of shipment of industrial products:
4 a place in the SFO and 20 place in the Russian Federation
produces 1/8 part the total volume of industrial production of the regions of Siberia

Production in the region of the total output in the Russian Federation:

30 % carbon black
48 % xylene
30 % toluene
12 % tires for trucks
9 % diesel fuel

The basic industries of the Omsk region include production: petroleum products, chemical, rubber and plastic products, food products, mechanical engineering.

In the structure of industrial production of the Omsk region , the petrochemical complex by volumeёmu of manufactured products occupies a leading place. In this sector of the economy, the third part of the fixed assets of industry is concentrated, in the volume ofёthe products of the petrochemical complex occupy a dominant position in terms of regional exports 43,5 %.


Industry enterprises:

PAO «Gazprom Neft»
PAO «Omskshina»
ao «Omsk rubber»
LLC «Omsktehuglerod»
LLC «Polio»

The range of products:

  • Petroleum products – gasoline, diesel fuel, engine oils;
  • Chemicals – carbon black, benzene, phenol, isopropyl alcohol, synthetic rubbers;
  • Rubber and plastic products – tires, polymer products.

A special place in the structure of industrial production of the Omsk region is occupied by the machine-building complex, most of the production of which falls on the defense complex. In the commodity structure of regional exports , machine - building products account for 10,3 %.

Industry enterprises:

Omsk Motor-building Association named after P.I. Baranov
Production association «Paulёт»
ao «A. S. Popov Radio Factory»
ao «Omsk Aggregate Plant»
ao «Omsk Scientific Research Institute of Instrument Engineering»
Omsk Plant of transport engineering
PAO «Saturn»

Defense enterprises develop and supply modern and promising equipment and equipment for all types and branches of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Omsk region has a unique concentration of defense technologies in electronics, electrical engineering, instrumentation, transport engineering, aviation, rocket and engine building, machinery and special equipment.

Products manufactured by Omsk machine-building enterprises:

  • combat vehicle of the CBT system-1But;
  • floating conveyor (PTS-4);
  • special fire truck (SPM);
  • carrier rocket of the Angara family;
  • radio-electronic components and radio communication devices, complexes and communication and control systems;
  • airborne and ground-based electronic equipment for missile control systems of air defense systems;
  • mobile communication complexes for the deployment of radio relay wired and satellite digital communication systems for various purposes;
  • civil products: cryogenic and cryovacuum equipment, non-self-propelled with/x machinery, equipment for the food and processing industry, elevators, metal structures, electrical equipment, complexes and process automation devices.

Main directions and development opportunities:

  1. creation of medium- and low-tonnage chemical production facilities;
  2. creation of production facilities «smart materials» with new technical qualities: engineering plastics, polymer and basalt composite materials, nanostructured materials;
  3. creation of production facilities for deep processing catalysts, new grades of carbon black;
  4. creation of high-tech production facilities based on «green» technologies;
  5. diversification of enterprises of the military-industrial complex, expansion of the range of civilian products.