Tourism industry

Enjoy nature, admire the majestic architecture with more than 200-summer history, plunge headlong into the atmosphere of places permeated with ancient myths and legends – all this and not only is possible in the Omsk region.

35 place in the National Tourist Rating of regions from 85 places
(according to the version of the federal public project «National ranking» according to the results 2020 year);
The unique geographical location of the region in several natural complexes:
full taiga, small-leaved forests, northern and southern forest-steppes and steppes with their characteristic features of landscape, flora and fauna;
The annual number of persons placed in collective accommodation facilities is more than 500 thousand people;
Passenger traffic of Omsk airport according to the results 2021 made up 1,5 million people, passenger traffic on long-distance rail transport - more 2,7 million people;
Passenger traffic of motor transport in intercity and international traffic – more 1,3 million people .

Diversity of tourist resources:

  • 34 specially protected natural territories, including two reserves of federal significance;
  • ozёra having medicinal properties;
  • monuments of archeology, urban planning and architecture;
  • 1985 cultural heritage sites of regional and federal significance;
  • near 1700 historical and cultural monuments, ranging from ancient settlements, sites, burial mounds and up to modern memorial complexes.

top-5 locations in the Omsk region:

  • Museum-reserve «living history» «Old Siberian» in Bolsherechensky district. The open-air museum attracts visitors with the opportunity to get acquainted with the history and culture, architecture, crafts, archeology and nature of the Omsk land. In the Bolsherechensky district of the Omsk region there is also the only zoo in Russia in rural areas – the State Bolsherechensky Zoo named after V.D. Solomatin, whose area is 9 hectares. Every year the zoo is visited by more than 100 thousands of people.
  • Edge 5 lakes: Danilovo, Lenaёvo, Shchuchye, Urmannoe and mysterious fifth – Hidden, and the energy center of the Earth in the village of Okunevo – a place covered with mystical legends and located in the remote Siberian taiga in the Muromtsevsky district of the Omsk region with a unique nature, healing air of a relic forest, the purest water in lakes of meteoritic origin, rich cultural traditions, interesting events, sports infrastructure.
  • Ulzhay and Ebeyty Lakes – relict salt lakes with halophytes and large deposits of therapeutic sulfide mud. The salinity of the water in Lake Ebeyty exceeds the salinity of the Dead Sea.
  • Achair Cross Convent, the story of which begins with the end XIX centuries with the appearance of a female Orthodox community near the village of Achair. The monastery is known for its mineral spring, the real miracle of which is the constant temperature all year round – near 36-37 degrees, as well as the presence of healing properties in it – carbon dioxide, sulfur, calcium, potassium and other minerals. The Baptismal Church of John the Baptist was erected near the holy spring.
  • Tracking in the village of Serebryane Gorky district with a special landscape, which was formed as a result of a landslide in 1878 year, on the Shore of Chersky – the highest place in the city of Omsk, in the village of Beshaul of the Nizhneomsky district with an unusual elevation difference for the region, picturesque panoramas of the Irtysh River and the geological outcrop of the same name, on the Chudskaya Mountain in the Znamensky district, which is an archaeological monument of nature surrounded by untouched taiga.

Main directions and development opportunities:

  1. development of cultural and educational tourism, creation and development of regional branded routes, organization of tourist and excursion routes;
  2. development 3R- medicine: recreation, rehabilitation, relaxation;
  3. creation of a multi-format suburban complex: sports, education, recreation, congress and exhibition activities;
  4. creation of medical, sports and educational «centers of attraction»;
  5. construction and renovation of sanatorium-resort facilities.