Organization of processing of chicken eggs and production of egg powder on the territory of the Omsk region

Initiator of the project Omsk Region Development and Investment Agency JSC
Location of the project

Not defined. Preferred placement location – in the immediate vicinity of poultry farms of the Omsk region, focused on the production of chicken eggs.

Field of activity food production
Total cost of the project

429 million rubles*

*Without taking into account the cost of the necessary network infrastructure
Output volume

Liquid egg products (per year):

Liquid egg melange – before 1590 tons

Liquid egg yolk – before 480 tons

Liquid egg white – before 1110 tons

Dry egg products (per year):

Egg powder (melange) – before 430 tons

Dry egg yolk – before 130 tons

Dry egg white – before 300 tons

Description of the planned production

organization of processing of chicken eggs and production of dry and liquid egg products in the Omsk region

Planned jobs 35
Additional information

During the project implementation, it is planned to build a production building from prefabricated structures with a total area of 1365 m2

Project capacity

installed processing capacity - before 72 thousands of eggs per hour

Contact information

+7 (3812) 40-80-17


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