Creation of a beef cattle farm for one-time maintenance 3000 heads

Place of project implementation

Not defined (areas of the Omsk region with a sufficient amount of arable land and pastures)

Field of activity

Agricultural industry

Initiator of the project

Omsk Region Development and Investment Agency JSC

Total cost of the project

279 240 thousand rubles

*Without taking into account the cost of the necessary network infrastructure

Description of the planned production

- Cattle meat;

- By-products of cattle;

- Surpluses of fodder and grain crops;

Additional information

The project provides for the creation of a farm, feedlots, and a fodder base;

Simple payback period

7,58 years

Net present value (NPV)

8 730 thousand rubles .

Internal rate of return (IRR)


Planned jobs


Project capacity

Content up to 3000 heads of beef cattle at a time;

Implementation of meat to 350 tons per year (after reaching the design capacity)

Contact information

+7(3812) 40-80-17

Project presentation

Viewing a presentation