Construction of a wholesale distribution center

The essence of the project

Creation of a wholesale distribution center of regional significance

Place of implementation

Krasnoyarsk urban settlement of Lyubinsky municipal district

Initiator of the project

Omsk Region Development and Investment Agency JSC

Total land area

253 093 sq.m.

(25,3 Ha)

Planned area of buildings and structures

before 125 thousand sq.m.


- storage areas up to 75 thousand sq.m.

- retail space up to 12,5 thousand sq.m.

- production areas up to 37,5 thousand sq.m.

Possible areas of activity

- Acceptance of agricultural products;

- The complete set of commodity lots of agricultural products;

- Part-time work of agricultural products;

- Primary processing of agricultural products;

- Storage of agricultural products;

- Wholesale of agricultural products;

- Conducting fair and exhibition and marketing events.

Total cost of the project

2 500 thousand rubles

*Without taking into account the cost of the necessary network infrastructure

Discounted payback period

9,8 years

Internal rate of return (IRR)


Contact information

+7 (3812) 40-80-17

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